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A primary school teacher, in Glasgow Scotland. Currently employed as an ICT staff Development Officer in North Lanarkshire & seconded to Glow Scotland's national online environment to support learning as a 'product owner' mostly working in the blogs team.

@livedtime #tds390 Making coffee

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Write a Gatha Poem | The Daily Stillness

A while back I tried Idle Pleasure of the day: Wait for the tea to brew from The Daily Stillness and was quite horrified at how it turned out.

I've a pretty good routine for this: Grind coffee; while it buzzes I put water in the pot; I then add the coffee and put the pot on the stove; while it heats I prepare the cups; and pour when it bubbles.

It takes a while to boil and bubble up. I guess I usually look at my phone or read the paper, standing still that day i note that my attention is racing and I can hardly stand still, I shift from foot to foot to 'keep busy'!

Since then I occasionally try and check my posture, relax and breath whicle the coffee is brewing, perhaps this gatha will help.


#tds25 Follow the quiet for @livedtime

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On a walk today, and when I reached the reservoir I though about:

Go outside and walk in the direction that is the quietest. Continue until you’re in the quietest place possible. Take a moment to absorb it.

from: Follow the quiet | The Daily Stillness

still waters

 A sheep started bawling, not so quietly and I moved into the larch to take the moment.


How loud the burn,

Birds snatch my eyes, swallows skim the water and a robin bobs in a lower branch.

As I listen bird song quiets the water, as I focus on one song the others fade.

A baby wren trills along a branch, shouting for food.

The first midge bite moves me on, out of the trees and into the wind.