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A primary school teacher, in Glasgow Scotland. Currently employed as an ICT staff Development Officer in North Lanarkshire & seconded to Glow Scotland's national online environment to support learning as a 'product owner' mostly working in the blogs team.

@livedtime #tds263 Seeing the familiar in a new way

2 min read


1. Go to a public place that you pass daily and take a photo, not too close and not too far
2. Download the photo to a computer and look at it for 3 minutes
3. Return to the location and take detail photos of things you noticed while looking at the original

We are recycling this one for the weekend for our friend @johnjohnston who could not do it on a week day!

from: Seeing the familiar in a new way | The Daily Stillness

No pressure;-)

I went for a walk in the park yesterday morning and took a few shots. None of them looked promsing, but I went over this one carefully:


I've hi-lighted and zoomed to the bit I though worth revisiting. Turned out I did not get back to the park yesterday. Today We went a little further afield for a walk and picnic.

I spent a fre bit of time looking at trees and bark. Neither of these are particularly interesting photos but the exercise itself was. 

If I had gone back to the park I may have tried for the kerb stones rather than the trees, but I can save that for another day.

Left Alone @livedtime #tds261

1 min read

Solitude in the abandoned | The Daily Stillness points to João Bernardino: Solitude In The Abandoned - Better Photography which is marvellous.

Being a work day and most of the daylight hours I was inside I didn't get much of a chance. Took a quick shot of the bin lane while empting the rubbish this morning:

And when I arrived home I got another shot of the lane in the dusk:

Neither really approach the "Solitude in the abandoned" but the idea is compelling. I often enjoy the places that are edging old industy that has started to rewild. Canels & railway tracks. I am going to keep my eye open.

@livedtime #tds258 Listening as if it were all music

Today attend to all sounds in your day as if they were your favourite music.

I didn't manage all sounds, but I did listen with care a couple of times. First time at 7:30 when I went out to go to work. I often notice the bird song but don't pick up the traffic as much.

I don't think of myself as musical and probably pay more attention to lyrics than melody or harmony. Listening to the morning I don't think I managed to approach it as music.

Later after work I went for a walk round the park. A few times I started listening. Again, traffic, less birds, more voices and dogs nails clicking the Tarmac. Listening seemed to also quieten them nee dialog a wee bit and open the eyes and senses. It was a lovely spring evening, I saw my first bat of the year that my ears are far to old to hear.


The morning audio uploaded dosent seem to play here, so:

@livedtime #tds251 all the leaves will fall

1 min read

Life saving poetry | The Daily Stillness

This caught be by surprise at breakfast this morning. A lump in my throat. Not much stillness here.

The linked blog looks great. I hope to dig into it a bit later.

I am reminded by impermanence more and more as I get older, there seems to be no answer. My usual reaction is to chase some idea or enthusiasm to push the idea away.

The clip expands in all sorts of directions, memory, admiration ricochet away.

Underneath the performance are the words.

all the leaves will fall in my breast

There are more than 75 @livedtime #tds248

2 min read

Yesterday's stillness was to pick one of 75 pleasures and  

take time to enjoy it. Show us in a photo

Well I did a few of those things yesterday, but I don't think I paid much heed. I had a better chance this afternoon. A walk, a seat beside the loch, a wee bit of stillness.

I have become a bit more aware about how I am skipping by these chances to quickly. 

I am finding the daily stillness almost always interesting. I don't always respond publicly, sometimes I am too busy, sometimes I want to keep my response to myself. I am particularly enjoying the recycling of the exercises. 

I am reminded of Jin Shengtan's list of 33 happy moments, I've just found these on tumblr but I read them ia an old secondhand book  many years ago.


It has been raining for a whole month and I lie in bed in the morning like one drunk or ill, refusing to get up. Suddenly I hear a chorus of birds announcing a clear day. Quickly I pull aside the curtain, push open a window and see the beautiful sun shining and glistening and the forest looks like it has had a bath.

Ah, is this not happiness?

from: 33 Happy Moments, 13.

Slow train coming #tds242 @livedtime

1 min read

I didn't make it very far through this video but I got further than I though I would. There is something nice about watching the world come towards you and pass by. 

I didn't learn to drive until I was 24 and got my first car at 49 so I've spent a fair bit of time as a passenger. This is quite reminiscent of that. The track, like the road markings at night focus and slightly hypnotise your attention. 

I am finding the recycled dailies from @livedtime a very nice thing. Often I read these in the morning but don't follow through, it is good to get another chance. They are also the kind of exercise that can take a bit of repetition.  

@livedtime yellow #tds226

1 min read

Pick a colour for the day. Notice it anywhere you go. Take photos. Pick the best one to show us. Did you notice that setting an intention to notice something, helped you pay attention and be more aware of your surroundings?

Thursday was a lovely day a bit of frost and a clear sky. unfortunately I was stuck indoors all day. I thought I'd wait till the weekend.

As atonement for not doing it on the right day I decided on yellow as I thought that would be hard.

Saturday started a dreach damp day sleet, rain and wet snow. I still managed to find plenty of yellow.

I love these simple challenges best of all this morning yellow shone out like lights. I didn't even take gave of the opportunities.