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A primary school teacher, in Glasgow Scotland. Currently employed as an ICT staff Development Officer in North Lanarkshire & seconded to Glow Scotland's national online environment to support learning as a 'product owner' mostly working in the blogs team.

Missing an opportunity @livedtime #tds139

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The train stops and the driver apologises for the delay. I glance through the dirty window at a fairly depressing scene outside. Not quite wasteland, marginal. A fenced compound bit of a track, broken concrete, some scrubby trees.

Today’s stillness:

Today find your digital chapel, your personal sacred space

Comes to mind, not much chance of that here.

I notice and name a few plants, the rose-bay-willowherb, gone to seed waving in the winter wind.

For a moment I focus on the branches of the scrubby willow. There is a quiet joy to the pattern of branches flowing like a delta, recalling other complexities and at the same time quietening things down. I am slumped and twisted in my seat, I start to breath.

A minute later I am reading my phone, a Medium post about Sweet Jane. The space has closed.

@livedtime #tds138 I like some permanence

2 min read

As I’ve got older I’ve come to dislike the passing of time and it markers more and more. The last one in a book of bus tickets, ordering another repeat prescription, tearing the daily newspaper voucher out.

Pleasurable sights, the first spring flower, a warm summer day, a hight hawk, are all tinged with the sadness of time.

A close friend died a while back, they knew what was coming, I saw no benefit or gain.

I think on my last day if I was aware of it and pain free enough to think, I would be paralysed by fear and indecision.

In the linked reading for today’s stillness the author writes:

we share the same faith and beliefs that we will be together again.

This to, my mind, somewhat invalidates the point she believes in something permanent, she is not so much feeling the fear but hoping, praying, her safety net is in place.

I’ve a dim recall of a story, perhaps a zen one, where the master says something about waking up every day feeling it could be his last. The pupil says something like, that is the same for us all. The master answers, “but how many feel it”. I suspect this might be the problem there are few of us who have the training, belief or strength of character to feel this is a positive way.

In short I long for permanence.

The image, of course, is of a temporary flux in the earth’s surface.

Sparks fly: an illusion of an illusion #tds130 @livedtime

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Dark Forest from Yi-Wen Lin on Vimeo.

Sparks fly: an illusion of an illusion

This is a lovely video thanks to @livedtime

#tdc1397 @ds106dc for Anny

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My friend professor Caritat is very curious about your purposes. So, can you write a 6 line poem about your purpose for life? We will analyse the results and publish a non-binary report on ‘How to have a life purpose’.

Looking for the Overview Effect: It works both ways @livedtime #tds125

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Summer Sky Over Death Valley

I remember lying on my back in the fields on clear nights as a youth. The Milky way spreading out. Or nights camping in the desert where a series of wakings gets knitted together in my memory and the universe moves, wheeling above me. This is a grand feeling, expansive and free.

The focus can turn, looking from the immensity down to me. Not so grand now. Tiny and insignificant, I flinch, move my mind away grab some mundane.