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A primary school teacher, in Glasgow Scotland. Currently employed as an ICT staff Development Officer in North Lanarkshire & seconded to Glow Scotland's national online environment to support learning as a 'product owner' mostly working in the blogs team.

Ardinning Roe

Quite a few roe around Loch Ardinning in the evening where I've had a few walks this week.

Froth on Loch Katrine

Took a walk along the road by Loch Katrine this afternoon. A dull day, clouds low on the hills, but dry.

The Whangie

Looking towards Loch Lomond

A Foxy Grin?

Fox at the top of Leath Walk Edinburgh.

The Devil's pulpit

First visit to this amazing place, location of The Eagle, more pictures on Devil's Pulpit - an album on Flickr

Loch Humphrey

Had a nice walk to the Loch today. Cold and clear, watched a peregrine & raven chase and hassle each other high above the track.

Ice on the loch

Mudoch Country Park


More testing of Known. Posting from phone. Aiming at Flickr.