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A primary school teacher, in Glasgow Scotland. Currently employed as an ICT staff Development Officer in North Lanarkshire & seconded to Glow Scotland's national online environment to support learning as a 'product owner' mostly working in the blogs team.

#tds142 What does it mean to you to lead a good life? @livedtime

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What does it mean to you to lead a good life? | The Daily Stillness Find a place where you can be alone with your thoughts, what is your answer to this question?

I feel quite uptight watching this video. The answers seem to be around what makes a good life for me. Perhaps it is generational, but I would associate a good life as one in which good was done (that good might just be not doing too much harm).

I was not particularly inspired by these folk. They have been lucky, like me, to have ended up living in the first world, with a tremendous amount of privilege. 

I am not claiming that I have done any better on living a good life and I am sure in many cases these folk have done great things for other folk, but they define a 'good life' in a way that surprised me. 

 I would have expected the odd mention of the Golden rule.

Do the words tell us anything, I pulled them out of the captions and made a wordle.


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